Houses for Change®

An Arts and Crafts Project to Help Homeless Families

Houses for Change  is an award-winning educational crafts project to raise awareness of homelessness and raise funds for any homeless shelter, food bank or other charity.

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Using arts supplies, children decorate pre-ordered house-shaped cardboard boxes to look like a house. Participants take their boxes home and in the following weeks fill them with change.  On a selected date, families bring their filled boxes back to the organization that arranged the project for a communal donation to any homeless-related or other charity they select.

More than 35,000 kids have raised more than $500,000 for charities of their choice in the Houses for Change collection boxes they created.

The brainstorm of longtime Family Promise volunteer Mark Wasserman, Houses for Change has been used by thousands of groups across the country as a tool for awareness and fundraising.  Combining a fun arts and crafts activity with meaningful and age-appropriate information about family homelessness, Houses for Change extends involvement in the issue to our youngest volunteers.

Houses for Change has universal appeal. It has been adopted by families, schools, congregations, Vacation Bible School, homeless organizations, the United Way, and the YMCA to engage their youth in a meaningful service project. The project can be used at community service days and birthday parties as piggy banks; at churches as Advent, Lenten and collection boxes; and at synagogues as tzedakah boxes.

Please view the video to see how one organization successfully participated in Houses for Change.

Houses for Change is more than a fun crafts project. It is an opportunity for kids to learn the values of compassion, charity and saving — values that will last them a lifetime.

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